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Programmer: Sjoerd Wouters, 14 years old

Ahh DungeonMadness. Finally a game that puts all the things we like about games in one small package. Survive endless waves of crazy and wacky monsters in a randomly generated dungeon

"based on cod zombies waves system and enter the gungeons randomness"

Note that this is a game created by one person (14 years old), so updates take long and the game is not completely finished yet. But you downloading this game realy supports my work ;)

This game contains:

  •  random generated dungeons
  •  currently 3 enemies (more in the future)
  •  currently 2 different weapons (more in the future)
  •  fully selfmade pixelart (exept for the minecraft font (-_-))
  •  in depth wave system (likie cod zombies)
  •  fully selfmade music and soundeffects
  •  lots of roguelike fun!!

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